Category: Programs

  • Students as STEMAR volunteers

    Students as STEMAR Volunteers In STEMAR, we believe that the students create the future of the STEM discipline. Therefore, we prioritize identifying student potential and mentoring volunteers in the creation of STEM educational content for their peers.

  • Teacher Training and Ongoing Mentorship

    Teacher Training and Ongoing Mentorship The impressive potential of STEM teachers is the basis of educational progress in STEM. Hence, our project-based STEM education emphasizes teacher training and continuous mentorship in holistic experiential production-oriented education.

  • Project-based public education

    Project-based public education

    Project-Based STEM Learning in Public Schools STEMAR provides public schools with STEMAR educational kits covering educational standards. Kits include technical and informational resources, teacher training, and ongoing mentorship. This component is currently incorporated in four public schools in the Tavush region and is planned to be expanded through Tavush. STEMAR ensures the structure of project-based…