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Project-Based STEM Learning in Public Schools

STEMAR provides public schools with STEMAR educational kits covering educational standards. Kits include technical and informational resources, teacher training, and ongoing mentorship. This component is currently incorporated in four public schools in the Tavush region and is planned to be expanded through Tavush.

STEMAR ensures the structure of project-based learning through experiential STEM kits, which clearly interpret the educational outcomes of the project in accordance with general education and subject-based standards. In addition, the kits contain the necessary material and informational resources required for deriving prerequisite knowledge, aligned to various styles of self-directed and instructed learning. 

Derived from the project-based learning approach, the STEMAR public educational component implies close collaboration between students of different ages and interests. Moreover, STEMAR school projects encourage collaborative teaching by STEM educators..

On April 7, 2023, STEMAR project-based education was certified by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports for its alignment with MoESCS strategic vision and new educational standards