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By installing software on the robot's controller board, it is possible to address various complicated problems, including tasks such as constructing robots which can follow the line, approach objects and relocate them, navigate through mazes and etc. By solving educational problems, students simultaneously study electronics and coding, acquiring engineering skills.

Engaging in inquiry, exploration, and iterative processes, students involved in robotics discover the potential of technology as a tool for effecting meaningful change in the world.

The engineering kit can also be used for participating in robotics competitions.

SolvX Robotics Kit

SolvX is an educational kit created by STEMAR, designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of robotics and gradually expand their knowledge. This versatile kit facilitates the construction of robots with diverse structural configurations, each offering a range of functional capabilities.

Package includes metallic and 3D printed components, motors and wheels. The robot's mobile platform is equipped with hand manipulator which allows to manipulate small objects. Additionally, underneath the mobile platform, various sensors can be attached, including distance sensors and infrared sensors.

At first, children should learn the basics, such as lighting up LED lamps, controlling motor’s speed, reading data from sensors and etc. They should be able to perform simplified programming tasks, before trying to create more advanced software.