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Expansion of STEMAR Projects in the Schools of Tavush Region

In December 2023, the STEMAR projects were launched, this time spanning six schools in the Tavush region. Upon receiving the packages, the pre-trained teachers commenced coordinating comprehensive STEM projects. The project packages provided to schools encompassed:

- Engineering resources and manuals,

- Classes and models for the delivery of academic knowledge,

- Questions designed to foster scientific research and engineering thinking,

- Project implementation plan,

- Teaching journals and a formative assessment framework.

Throughout the project implementation, schools receive mentoring support, fostering inter-school cooperation and the ideology of mutual learning among both teachers and students.

Based on the feedback received from schools, STEMAR projects emerged as a catalyst for the development of students' innovative thinking. It is important to emphasize that participant students have significant influence over the project's further development, contributing ideas to enhance and optimize the efficiency of the project packages.

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to all schools for the successful completion of their projects leading up to the STEM EXPO 2024. This event marks a significant step in bringing together a community of students and teachers who are passionate about scientific thought and innovation. Best of luck to all participants!