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Our Teachers Empower STEM Education. 36 Teachers of Tavush Region Participated in STEMAR Teacher Training for 2023-2024.

STEMAR recently conducted a teacher retreat as part of its educational program for the 2023-2024 academic year. The program aims to empower STEM education in Ijevan Lyceum, and Getahovit, Achajur, Ayrum, Koghb N2, Vazashen secondary schools. The teacher retreat is an essential and impartial component of the school curriculum. Its primary goal is to equip educators with tools and knowledge to facilitate collaborative, project-based learning experiences aligned with the curriculum. The retreat emphasizes the need-based implementation of interactive materials, simulations, and visuals to make STEM subjects more engaging and accessible to students.

The retreat focuses on facilitating STEM education through structured inquiries and project-based learning. Teachers are being equipped with teaching methodologies that align with the scientific method, ensuring students not only grasp the subject matter but also develop critical thinking skills vital for their future success. The teacher retreat program consisted of two series of three-day training sessions, each tailored to different program stages. The first-stage training welcomed participants from Ayrum, Koghb N2, and Vazashen secondary schools. The second-stage training brought together teachers from Ijevan Lyceum, Getahovit, and Achajur secondary schools.

In both trainings, participants were introduced to the technical aspects of two new projects that promise to bring innovation and excitement to

the classroom. The first-stage training focused on collaborative, project-based learning methodologies and the constructive facilitation of critical thinking pathways. The second-stage training emphasized experiential and work-based education, scientific methodology, and engineering design.

STEMAR expresses appreciation to the dedicated teachers who actively participated in these transformative training sessions. Your unwavering

commitment and hard work are instrumental in paving the way for the future of STEM innovation in our schools. Together, we are shaping a brighter and more engaging educational landscape for future generations.