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This project is designed for middle and high school students. The major value of this project is making STEM education self-sustainable by supporting students in creating didactic models for STEM lessons. The participants improve their multidisciplinary knowledge in Science and Mathematics while receiving skills in 3D modeling and 3D printing.

The project currently comprises eleven extendable subprojects, each targeting different age groups. The curriculum is based on STEM educational standards and includes 3D modeling with FreeCAD and 3D printing skills. 

  • Abacus counting frame (6th grade)
  • Gearbox (7th grade)
  • Labyrinth (7-8th grade)
  • Human skeleton model (8th grade)
  • Plant cell constructible model (9-10th grades)
  • Animal cell constructible model (9-10th grades)
  • 3D printed Microscope (9-10th grades)
  • Bridge modeling (10th grade)
  • VSEPR and molecular geometry (10-11th grades)
  • Volumetric cube (10th grade)
  • Polymers from monomers constructor (11th grade)