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Getahovit Students Reflect on the Smart Greenhouse Project

“When we first learned that our school was selected for the Smart Greenhouse project, we did not know about the process and the outcomes. However, at the introductory meeting with our teachers, we clearly understood the plan and the project's goal, which motivated us to work enthusiastically. We formed a team of 26 students from different grades. Once a week, we have a whole-team meeting to discuss the progress and planning at every level. The format of the meetings was hybrid since we had both face-to-face and online meetings. Our teachers guided us through the learning material. We also practiced using additional resources to answer the research questions reasonably. We also appreciate the support of our Armath mentor, who helped us understand the project's electronics and programming.”

(by 7-8th graders)

“The first stage of the Smart Greenhouse project was about getting familiar with STEMAR resources and the project description. Next, we learned about the technical resources, their characteristics, and their usage. Our physics teacher helped us understand the sensors’ working mechanism. We studied the germination and growth conditions of the provided seeds from the perspective of chemistry and biology. At the same time, our Armath mentor supported us with installing the required programming libraries and adding the code to ESP32. Last week we hosted students from Ijevan Lyceum, who shared their experience constructing the greenhouse. We plan to seed the plants this week and compare the theoretical knowledge of the growth conditions with the practical implementation. Therefore, we wish ourselves and our fellows in other schools good luck!” (by 9-11th graders)